Technetics Data Recovery is among the leading providers of data recovery services in Australia. The company offers value-added services for customers in all the sectors which range from universities to government organizations, etc… The business leaves no stone unturned when it comes to services and supplies only the best to meet the requirements of its clients. A few of the services they provide include

  • Raid data recovery
  • Emergency data recovery
  • Tape data recovery
  • Information sanitisation
  • Technetics cloud backup
  • USB data recovery
  • Video camera data recovery
  • Memory card data recovery

data recovery service


The staffs at date data recovery service deal with all types of data loss issues and provide solutions which are cost-effective. Some of the typical problems related to hard disk that require urgent attention are the following:

  • Odd clunking sounds from hard disk
  • Physically burnt hard disk
  • ┬áIssues with restarting the pc
  • Unintentional drive imaging
  • Operating system freeze
  • BIOS detection problem
  • Grinding or whistling noises from hard disk
  • Virus infected hard disk
  • Unformatted hard disk
  • Operating system hanging

Technetics data recovery has years of expertise in the area and can handle any sort of data loss problem at ease. Some of those value-added services supplied by the company include

  • Fixed price data recovery
  • Professional services
  • Free DVD backup
  • Free media destruction
  • ‘No Data No Charge’ coverage
  • Urgent media review
  • Fixed cost quote

The organization provides data recovery services for all kinds of devices which have tape media, memory media, desktop, laptops, removable hard drives, single drive servers, floppy diskettes, jazz drives, etc… Technetics supplies free review services for the convenience of customers. All you will need to do is give them a call and they’ll come and establish the source of problem and repair it also at the least possible time your operations aren’t affected much. You can also benefit from the live chat option and specify your needs to their staff.